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Heith – If I Were Buddhist I’d Chant for Your Happiness

There was a time when the city of Milan was just a gray amass of buildings with no soul. Then something happened, and a collective of people opened a new path in the creative underground of the city, mostly based in a liberated space called Macao. Amongst these people was Daniele Guerrini, aka Heith, who […]

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Giant Claw

Human Warmth In A Cold City

The first approach to Giant Claw and the imagery of the man behind the moniker, Keith Rankin, goes through the abstract trascendental world of the artworks of his label’s archive. Each Orange Milk’s publication explores the freaky possibilities of the ambient-electronica most bizarre angles, and Rankin’s art practices, both in sound and in images, form […]

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Francesca Heart

Beach Birds Refractions

In this mixtape for FULMINE, I’ve collected a series of songs from artists that have been really influential in my path, because of their playful approach to imaginative and mythological music. I’ve also added an unreleased track from the stuff I’m working on at the moment. You will hear here and there some guided movement […]

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Subez Yeti

My mind says, my heart says

Flourishing from the underground soil of the Chinese club scene, a new generation of musicians is writing the history of the future. Subez Yeti is a DJ and promoter based in Hong Kong, a city that represents the  importance of gatherings for the circulation of cultural connections all around the world. We asked her to […]

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There’s an infinite past, an infinite future and no way of detecting what’s present. In the same moment you’re focusing on it, it’s gone. It’s already a different present. And while the world is constantly trying to distract us from ourselves, we become absent, constantly forgetting about our own presence. There are practices, though, that […]

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Yu Lin Humm

Roots Run Deep

Yu Lin is a child of the world, a catalyst of wonder. Throughout her life and career, she absorbed multiple elements of every environment she chose to live in and observed, listened, then felt the urge to start sending back a message to nature, humans, and universal forces throughout her music. She recently published her […]

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Valentina Magaletti

Broken cuckoo clocks

The beat of the drum is probably the most ancient sound heard or played in the history of homo sapiens (and maybe even our ancestors, with bones and stuff, who knows, good for them if they had a little beat of drum-a), and it goes right along the beat of our hearts, that goes right […]

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Turkana B2B Nsasi


Challenging every definition of gender, and at the same time, any genre barrier, Anti-Mass collective is spreading its queer energy from Kampala to the world. Fast like the bpm of Singeli music, heavy like hardcore and fluid like hyperpop, the power duo Turkana + Nsasi, co-founders of the collective, pingponged this train of tracks from […]

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DJ Marcelle

How To Slice Spaghetti Mix

Directly from her wunderkammer, the lovely DJ Marcelle takes us into a 2-hour journey into the depths and highs of her record collection, playing simultaneously on 3 decks, as her signature unpredictable sets always merge hyper-contemporary sounds with her all-time obsessions. Although DJ Marcelle has been collecting music longer than most of us have been […]

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Sometimes sound is ghost work

Odete the Slayer could be the name of a goddess from ancient norse mythology, instead it’s the quite intimidating Instagram moniker of the Portuguese poetess and multi-disciplinary artist whose vision is encapsulated in this sound wave. Her words, like powerful spells, travel from a primeval place in the depths of our souls and reach ethereal, […]

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