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Lina Filipovich


In her second album Lina Filipovich continues her experiments on deconstruction and reappropriation through the recycling, sampling, reassembly and reconditioning of already existing music.7 electronic interpretations of the works of Baroque composers (J. S. Bach, G. F. Handel, G. Frescobaldi, N. Carleton, F. Couperin), inspired by memories of her experience of interpreting Bach’s pieces in […]

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Ben Puah

Self Portrait (For a Better Tomorrow)

During my trip to China, I saw this quotation in chinese “今天的麻烦是为了明天的方便” (meaning: inconveniences today, for a better tomorrow) on a hoarding at a construction site for the new subway system. I thought that the quote is offered an interesting guideline to how to live my life, which is still relevant today. Obstacles in life […]

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