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Challenging every definition of gender, and at the same time, any genre barrier, Anti-Mass collective is spreading its queer energy from Kampala to the world. Fast like the bpm of Singeli music, heavy like hardcore and fluid like hyperpop, the power duo Turkana + Nsasi, co-founders of the collective, pingponged this train of tracks from one soul to the other, merging a polyrhythmic river of sound that will absolutely blow any straight thought away from our minds.

South Sudanese DJ and Producer Turkana sees the dancefloor as a battleground that feeds on the tension between oppression and liberation. She likes to attack the dancefloor without compromise but always with fierceness and grace, a sort of blend of Nkisi and Grace Jones. She plays leftfield African electronics, hard dance, non-normative techno and underground from the global South. When she’s not making or playing music she loves to contemplate on the meaning and passing of time.

Nsasi’s daring sound embodies both a nostalgia for traditional rhythms/ sound palettes, and an affinity for hyper-modern, disruptive compositions. Making jumps between disparate sounds is a dominant part of Nsasi’s repertoire, which propels the listener through drastically different tempos & genres. This creates an open space of chances, in which skittered fluxes of acid could collide with Kiganda percussion, or with East African Trap. A fluid, compelling style.