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Jannis Zell

Illustration #12

Jannis Zell (1992) visualizes thoughts around matter and time as well as nature and culture. The Berlin based artist and designer works mainly in the realm of drawings, objects and sculptures. He materializes the veiled histories, modes of representation, and conditioning of everyday objects through artistic and design-based approximation. Collecting artifact and biofacts Jannis builds […]

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Tommaso Pandolfi

Illustration #11

Tommaso Pandolfi (Ancona, 1995) is a musician and visual artist. His music (as Furtherset) is an open invitation to immerse oneself into a weightless state of mind. In his drawing practice, he oscillates between scribbling and geometric patterns; his research revolves around a very narrow figurative canon, where the expressive foundation is represented by an […]

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Illustration #05

Autistic form of human being, located in an electricity and meat complex. It moves through an analog input to create a third space where objective and sensory data overturn to become an evocative entity. It operates from undefinable substance to implicit and sensible particle. The evocation potential and the factual data of the object melting […]

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