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Caterina Barbieri

Spirit Exit (Light Years)

The quote above belongs to one of Ted Chiang’s short stories, Exhalation, a tale about breath, air pressure, set in a parallel reality in which our brains are made of small parts that move in a symphony of air movements. Caterina Barbieri makes music that breathes: whether it is the cyber-breath of a modular synth, […]

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700 Bliss

Nothing To Declare (Hyperdub)

Who was the first rapper in history? Was it Homer with their tales of war and gods and love and death? Or way before, did the people who painted stuff on their caves also paint words with their cave voices? Ursula K. Le Guin wrote a short essay called Telling is Listening where she states: […]

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Marina Herlop

Pripyat (PAN)

Experimental pop is probably the most complex musical genre ever invented, as well as the most interesting: it follows a very fine line in which the genetic mutation of canonical structures must be central, but not too extreme to be incomprehensible. Few people manage to stay in perfect balance between the familiar and the alien, […]

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Intimate Publics

Osheyack is a trickster of contemporary techno. You’ll never know what he’s about to bring to the (turn)table. Raised by Shanghai’s burgeoning rave scene, born in the steamy basement of Shelter club, and raised by local collectives like Genome 6.66mbp and SVBKVLT, his approach to contemporary techno is polymorphic and unpredictable. His sophomore album, Intimate […]

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If you’ve ever been to Napoli you’ll know the city lives on the slopes of a volcano, the Vesuvio. Like its city, Neapolitan culture has a fluent and vivid underground culture that sometimes erupts in new forms, without forgetting the centuries of history that brought it to the present-day. That’s more or less the matrix […]

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