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“Holding on to the subtle ephemera of soundscapes, noises, voices and touch.”

There’s an infinite past, an infinite future and no way of detecting what’s present. In the same moment you’re focusing on it, it’s gone. It’s already a different present. And while the world is constantly trying to distract us from ourselves, we become absent, constantly forgetting about our own presence. There are practices, though, that aim to catch that present moment and stretch it, in order to make us stay into it, as if it was a small jump into a tiny hole that we later discover it’s a whole new universe. One of those practices is listening. Kmru started his musical journey with a step back: before he decided to put something of his own into the world, he just stopped and listened for a while. His field-recording approach to sound made him go deeper and deeper into a sort of meditation that later translated into his music. It’s all about presence, it’s all about that moment that’s almost impossible to catch, but sometimes if you stare into it, you can look into the eyes of eternity.


anthéne – Cedar Point II
Everything I Cant Be I
claire rousay – peak chroma
Félicia Atkinson – Becoming a Stone
Rebstock Fold
Jake Muir – the dimness of the sealed eye
perila – over me
Fields We Found – Waits
Maria W Horn – Oinones Death pt. I
loscil – Upstream
Rafael Anton Irisarri – Eperlanda (featuring Hannah Elizabeth Cox)
The Allegorist – Blind Power (KMRU Remix)
KMRU – lost ones
Marina Herlop – abans abans
Test Umehara – Not Cured
Am Shhara – Rashiku
Samuel rohrer – the grid
Salamanda – Melting Hazard
Toshiya Tsunoda – At the port
KMRU – port b
anthéne – Cedar Point I
Ben Bondy – Everything I Can t Be II
a4l s – Այն ժամանակ ինչպես հիմա
Caterina Barbieri & Kali Malone – Glory
KMRU – window stills 05 FR
Julia Reidy – Holding Onto
Cucina Povera – Sinisen ruusun tapaus