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RHYME features on 88Rising’s HITC II album and became fast-discovered with song ‘Just Used Music Again’ and was awarded “Best Music & Actress Model” by the London Fashion Film Festival 2020 for her hit song as RHYME.SO, “Fashion Blogger”. Their latest 2021 single “Poseable’’ continues to show their fresh approach to the genre which was […]

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Isla de Las Muñecas

A place for: a very bad trip Today we take you to one of the creepiest destinations you could imagine. We’re headed to Mexico, a bit outside of Mexico City, in a place called Isla de Las Munecas, which means island of the dolls. We don’t think there’s a creepier thing than old dolls, maybe […]

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Illustration #05

Autistic form of human being, located in an electricity and meat complex. It moves through an analog input to create a third space where objective and sensory data overturn to become an evocative entity. It operates from undefinable substance to implicit and sensible particle. The evocation potential and the factual data of the object melting […]

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Mano del Desierto

A gigantic hand emerging from the Atacama desert in Chile. It is the Hand of The Desert, a huge sculpture that looks like the remains of an ancient civilization. The hand that comes out of the sand and seems to ask for help was concieved by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal in honor of the victims […]

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Tarot Garden

Niki de Saint Phalle was a French-American artist who grew up having an abusive and violent family history: she described her childhood as “privilege and horror” and her home as “hell”. What can we expect from a child like that? Well, she found the way of art, as a catharsis. She’s widely famous for her […]

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