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Tarot Garden

Niki de Saint Phalle was a French-American artist who grew up having an abusive and violent family history: she described her childhood as “privilege and horror” and her home as “hell”. What can we expect from a child like that? Well, she found the way of art, as a catharsis. She’s widely famous for her […]

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Giant Claw

Human Warmth In A Cold City

The first approach to Giant Claw and the imagery of the man behind the moniker, Keith Rankin, goes through the abstract trascendental world of the artworks of his label’s archive. Each Orange Milk’s publication explores the freaky possibilities of the ambient-electronica most bizarre angles, and Rankin’s art practices, both in sound and in images, form […]

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Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Stories that shape us

Why don’t we read books anymore? Is it because our span of attention is getting thinner and thinner? Is it because there are no more good writers in the world or did we get bored of the good ones that passed? Maybe, but it’s just an hypothesis based on no scientific data, we got scared […]

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Ben Puah

Self Portrait (For a Better Tomorrow)

During my trip to China, I saw this quotation in chinese “今天的麻烦是为了明天的方便” (meaning: inconveniences today, for a better tomorrow) on a hoarding at a construction site for the new subway system. I thought that the quote is offered an interesting guideline to how to live my life, which is still relevant today. Obstacles in life […]

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