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Sometimes sound is ghost work

“They write on the sand
As they know
Words are as fragile
As strong as the wind
Carrying a thousand worlds”

Odete the Slayer could be the name of a goddess from ancient norse mythology, instead it’s the quite intimidating Instagram moniker of the Portuguese poetess and multi-disciplinary artist whose vision is encapsulated in this sound wave. Her words, like powerful spells, travel from a primeval place in the depths of our souls and reach ethereal, otherworldly, magical realms capable of enchanting our minds. In her own words:

“The mix is a rework on samples and unreleased melodies from my first album, as I felt the need to go back to where I started to see how I feel those tracks 3 years later. the album was created as a kind of love spell and so going back to it was a way to untie the magical knots it intended to create.”


the mix is mostly original music, just the end has 4 tracks:

A quema Ropa
Bungalovv, Incantation
T5UMUT5UMU , Murderers
IVVO , skype softnes – Emily glass

Odete is a multidisciplinary artist working between the fields of music, visual arts, writing, performance, and theater, born in Porto in 1995. Her writings have previously appeared in Trains Magazine, Tranfeminist Zine, and others. Her work in music includes the edited EPs and albums THE CONSEQUENCES OF A BLOOD LANGUAGE (Genome 6.66 Mbp, 2021); Water Bender (New Scenario, 2020); For those who are bored paranoid(Self-release, 2019); Amarração (Rotten: Fresh, 2019); and Matrafona(Naivety, 2018). Her performances have been presented at Teatro São Luiz (Lisbon), CTM Festival (Berlin), BOCA Biennial of Contemporary Arts, MAAT Museum (Lisbon), Galeria Municipal do Porto (Porto), and Teatro Municipal Campo Alegre (Porto). In 2020 she won the ReXform Award for performing arts, from which resulted the project On Revelations and Muddy Becomings on which her first book is based