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“Sphoria (from Greek: δύσφορος (dysphoros), δυσ-, difficult, and φέρειν, to bear) forgetfulness: edge of something – out of reach / tip of the tongue – the last type of dreaming.”

Our dreams, are they our own? Do they belong to someone or something else? Is this the real world? What is the access point to parallel realities? We might never know the answers, but questioning is a practice of research to go beyond the visible, the tangible and the security of the objects we rely on everyday. Writer and musician Flora Yin-Wong is a sorcerer of the unknown, and she does so by exploring forms of meditation, oracles, curses, hexagrams, Cantonese traditions, superstitions, and everything that gets entangled into the web between fiction, memory, rituals, and incantation. Now, she invites us on this 2-hours journey into the dream world. What will you remember at your awakening? Will you be awake or still dreaming?


A Garden Of Delights – César Ch
Improvisation in Abu-Ata (Golha-ye Rangarang #204) – Morteza Mahjubi 
salvation (extract) – Wojciech Rusin 
Κάθε Φορά Που Εν Εκστάσει Συντελλείται – Wild Terrier Orchestra / Iaido guide
Side A – Reaping The Field – Flora Yin Wong 
Oinones Death Pt I from Epiphanies – Maria W Horn 
Dome C – Ciaran Jacob and Flora Yin Wong
Walking Around In Circles – Martyna Basta 
The ultraviolet room (Flora Yin Wong remix) – CFCF 
Konnakol / Side A – Nina 
Dino Spiluttini – touch isolation
Horaflora – Trumpet of Death
Alpine – Flora Yin-Wong 
Scythe – Flower Drop
Red Storm – Kelly Moran 
there is even a rhythm in being empty – que

Flora Yin Wong is a producer, writer and DJ from London. Her debut album was released on Modern Love in 2020 as a 2x gatefold vinyl, and previously released on labels like PAN, Circadian Rhythms, Archaic Vaults, and Danse Noire. She has performed live at Atonal Berlin, Unsound Festival, Semibreve, MUTEK in Peru, Buenos Aires, and Montreal, New York’s ISSUE Project Room, Volksbühne Theatre, The V&A Museum, Somerset House, and Cafe OTO in London, as well as DJed at Boiler Room, Berghain, Razzmatazz, WWWB Tokyo, Cakeshop Seoul, Garage Noord Amsterdam, Macao Milan, Mutabor Moscow, and Hyperreality and 3HD Festival etc. Her first book ‘Liturgy’, exploring abstract fiction and non-fiction across themes of religion, mythology, paradoxes and delusions was released in 2021 on PAN x Primary Information. She regularly guests on radio shows for NTS Live, Noods, LYL, Know Wave, Balamii, BCR, Red Light and Refuge etc, and has been commissioned on mixes for Resident Advisor, FACT Mag, and The Wire.