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Dream House

A place for: a trip far away from planet Earth in the middle of the big apple LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela’s permanent art installation is a portal to alternate realities in a Manhattan loft. When we think of New York’s experimental world of modern classical, 1960’s Fluxus avant-garde and 1970s minimalism, it’s been said […]

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Francesca Heart

Beach Birds Refractions

In this mixtape for FULMINE, I’ve collected a series of songs from artists that have been really influential in my path, because of their playful approach to imaginative and mythological music. I’ve also added an unreleased track from the stuff I’m working on at the moment. You will hear here and there some guided movement […]

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There’s an infinite past, an infinite future and no way of detecting what’s present. In the same moment you’re focusing on it, it’s gone. It’s already a different present. And while the world is constantly trying to distract us from ourselves, we become absent, constantly forgetting about our own presence. There are practices, though, that […]

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