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Deep Green Lake

Pensiero Notturno

Sea Dragon, ceramic sculpture

Iva Drekalovic is a Trieste-born artist who investigates the encounters between tangible and intangible realms. Her pieces imbue every-day life, visions and surroundings with fantasy tricksters that summon the viewer to imagine beyond the canvas or sculpture. Drekalovic draws inspiration from the sea and nature surrounding her daily and the dreamworld. Acting as subtle reminders of the impalpability and complexity of life, her works are a breath of clean air on an over-polluted earth. In 2022 she inaugurated her first solo show “Pensiero Notturno” at Operativa Arte in Rome.

PS could stand for ‘party synthetic’, ‘personal statement’, ‘please silence’, ‘psss’, ‘post scriptum’ or whatever just came to your mind. We choose post scriptum out of infinite descriptive possibilities as it possibly embodies them all. P.s: an interview or a rebus? a composition of portraits and wiretaps? a map of hints suggesting a wide web of interpretations.