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“The lightning bolt is in the final shift of the gaze to the man immersed and lost in what he has caused and with bewilderment still does not understand that he is his executioner and victim.”

An interplay of mirages and allusions. Miriam Gili’s contribution titled SKIN is a journey through an alien nature, an overflowing hortus conclusus in which superficies break their stasis suggesting a latent chaos happening within. Skin is a gizmo, a word that can’t contain the world it aims to narrate. The river is in continuous movement, yet what is moving it? What is moving us while we look at it? In the first moment, we are not sure what we are looking at. The piece questions point of view and distances. How can we empathise with something we have only a rapid glance at? How can we dive under the skin without being a river?

Directed and filmed by Miriam Gili

Miriam Gili is a Milan-based artist born in 1987. After graduating from NABA in painting and visual arts, she attended a master’s degree in alternative cinema at EICTV in Sant’Antonio de Los Banos, Cuba. Gili also received her master’s degree in MOVIES from the IUAV in Venice. Miriam has presented her work in group and non-group exhibitions at national and international institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Geneva, Triennale Milano, and V-A-C Foundation in Venice.