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“A feeling of emptiness can be described as numbness or lack of hope.”

Influenced by the invisible emotion of emptiness in the painting, you may notice light toned, almost blank paper with only neutral colors.

Watercolor painting demonstrating two figures with no faces, covered in draped hooded garments. Located in the middle of nowhere.

The two hooded figures are the main subjects in this painting portraying a type of character, with no actual characteristics. It’s almost like a shadow of something that is trying to be more distinctive but is not. There are no actual faces on the two figures due to the emptiness inside the figure. A feeling of emptiness can be described as numbness or lack of hope. It can be also seen as disassociating yourself with your mind and body.

The two figures wander through in the faded out strokes, almost as sand that sinks your feet in. Buildings can symbolize some kind of life as people may live and thrive there. The buildings can also give a sense of stability and almost well structure. The inspiration behind the hooded two figures would come from the Azorean Hood in Portugal. It was a traditional garment worn by women in the 1930s in Azores island. A large cape that covered a woman’s figure, allowing only a glimpse of her face. There is no face on my two figures because there is just emptiness.


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