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High Reactors is a performance investigating hypersensitivity.

The so-called High Reactors, clinically defined as HSP (highly sensitive people) are individuals highly susceptible both on a physical and psycho-emotional level. This performance has been created by analyzing in an organic way the various phases an hypersensitive person has to go through when this creature gets in touch with the sorrounding environment and the Other, moving towards an own centering. HR is based on several scientific essays written by the psychoterapist Rolf Sellin.

The audience is part of the play. The performance is designed to be as human and fragile as possible. For this reason the physical boundaries between performers and audience get subtler throughout time. Also the music and the sound design is made just by one single nude voice, creating sound layers and harmonies by just using a loop station and a delay pedal.

Marla operates a highly psychological process, creating “emotional choreographies”, an awareness raising project on the body and the movement, which runs close to psychoanalysis.

The body is at the heart of the artist’s work: movements, emotions and voice, any gesture has it’s own intentions and becomes a psychological motion, never an end in itself.Performances are genuine rituals aimed at the creation of a psycological scenario, where the human being can apply a self-reflection process, empathizing with the performing act.

Marla seeks to define the emotional meeting place between audience and performance, through specific body practices that trace the boundaries of an outstanding space during the entire performance.


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