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Experimental pop is probably the most complex musical genre ever invented, as well as the most interesting: it follows a very fine line in which the genetic mutation of canonical structures must be central, but not too extreme to be incomprehensible. Few people manage to stay in perfect balance between the familiar and the alien, between the conventional and the abstract. Artists like Björk and Kate Bush have pioneered soundscapes that are akin to science fiction narratives, one in which a non-standard element takes the whole story into a completely revolutionary dimension. Marina Herlop, on her third album, the first published on PAN, manages to transport us to a cybernetic utopia, in a story in which the encounter between her classical training and contemporary means allows a classical pianist to leave for a virtual hyperspace in which the consequentiality we know makes room for unexpected quantum leaps in distant territories where electric sheeps live, ones that we could only dream of.