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“I think youth culture here contrasts the west in a way that there’s not much context for it. There is an idea in a place like Berlin or New York for who you’re supposed to be based on preexisting subcultures of the city. Because the idea of youth culture is relatively new here there’s a sort of individualistic freedom that comes with that.” Osheyack

Osheyack is a trickster of contemporary techno. You’ll never know what he’s about to bring to the (turn)table. Raised by Shanghai’s burgeoning rave scene, born in the steamy basement of Shelter club, and raised by local collectives like Genome 6.66mbp and SVBKVLT, his approach to contemporary techno is polymorphic and unpredictable. His sophomore album, Intimate Publics, is an homage to the town he chose to live in, Shanghai, as a space of experimentation of the rave-utopia, a way to escape reality and forge a new world. While still faithful to the signature hard-dance tunes that characterized his previous releases, this journey in sound leads us to more intimate territories, as the title suggests, with tracks like “Still,” entirely composed using Yamaha’s Vocaloid, a vocal synthesizer commonly used to give voice to Japanese virtual idols. The line between real and fake, intimate and public, boldness and vulnerability is getting thinner as Osheyack’s polyhedric personality is rising to the surface unveiling his deeper, perhaps softer, side.