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“When I first listened to Gabber Eleganza’s Never Sleep, the first thing I heard in my ears was a tarantella” Nziria

If you’ve ever been to Napoli you’ll know the city lives on the slopes of a volcano, the Vesuvio. Like its city, Neapolitan culture has a fluent and vivid underground culture that sometimes erupts in new forms, without forgetting the centuries of history that brought it to the present-day. That’s more or less the matrix of Nziria’s music: a total hybridation, as the title of this album suggests, an exploration of the space between tradition and hyper-present, between the male and the female, between neomelodic and hardcore. This space is a space of total freedom, that links Nziria’s work with the Neapolitan tradition of Femminielli, people who embody a third gender role, both male and female, nor male nor female, the keepers of secrets, generators of luck, as visible in the visual side of Nziria’s research, helped by the aesthetic work of Bianca Peruzzi. Italian culture, especially Neapolitan culture, is full of collective rituals, such as the ones that involved the Femminielli figure. Analogue rituals could be found in the deep meaning of rave culture, where our singular identities dissolve into the blue of the night, everybody can be everybody, I can be you, you can be me, we can hybridate in a timeless form. And that’s more or less what this album is about.