Good afternoon - it's 15:42

An intense moment of contact with remoteness, appearing in front of our eyes, becoming almost palpable, in the form of a sacred bronzed fruit or a sliced world.

The latent tension of two temporalities alternating, magnetizing figures with different dimensionalities catalyze a physical experience of the vibrating, at times silent, relationships in between the expected and the unexpected. The viewers dive into Rebecca’s alphabet to carve their own angle, allowing different degrees of synchronicities both personal and ubiquitous. 

what has just happened is a part of Salvadori’s visual research constantly combining sound and image in a continuous chain of casualties through elements of chance and free association, rejecting chronological layering and sequencing, always looking for the unexpected as a way to escape from software automation and predetermination of mechanical reproduction.

Rebecca Salvadori is a London based filmmaker and moving image/media artist whose practice over the last 10 years has consistently engaged with experimental music, with a great interest in finding ways to connect the moving image with sound practices, performance and alternative forms of storytelling. Salvadori uses montage to compose her work, drawing from her own audio and visual recordings to animations that go under the name of euroemptiness. She is the co- founder and co-director of artist collective tutto questo sentire as well as the 2022 co-artistic director of the Norient Festival in Bern, Switzerland. 

Conceived and directed by Rebecca Salvadori
London, 2022

Lightning captures us for their sudden draconian luminescence, as embodiments of an often traumatic, yet necessary and natural realignment. When facing a circumstance which is beyond our control, we dive into a temporary narrative vacuum. This interim moment encloses uncontaminated, infinite possibilities of regeneration. Videos become windows through which to look to a thunderstorm.