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Bahar Kaygusuz

What Does The Lover. Want From Love?

Bahar Kaygusuz is a Berlin-based photographer born of Zazaki-Kurdish immigrants. Her practice aims at questioning cultural, gender, social affiliations and identity through visual documentation. The environment that characterised her childhood in Kreuzberg during the Nineties, sparked the development of a poetic eye gazing at the countless and multiform aspects, at times enriching and at times contrasting, of the neighbourhood before its gentrification. Bahar’s work develops as an ever-evolving series which aims at tackling the political, social and cultural effects of contemporary society on the human body and interpersonal interactions. Kaygusuz’s photographs ooze a poignant presence: facial expressions become archetypal of widespread human conditions and landscapes summon the intimacy and a-temporality of the world we live in, at times dramatic at times utterly romantic.

PS could stand for ‘party synthetic’, ‘personal statement’, ‘please silence’, ‘psss’, ‘post scriptum’ or whatever just came to your mind. We choose post scriptum out of infinite descriptive possibilities as it possibly embodies them all. P.s: an interview or a rebus? a composition of portraits and wiretaps? a map of hints suggesting a wide web of interpretations.