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Elena Chantzis

To read between lines

Elena Chantzis is an Athens-based visual artist with a background in architecture and design. These two practices infuse her artistic process by making it intrinsically site-specific and influenced by the spatial and temporal context whilst at the same time pushing forward unintentional and anonymous functionalities. Her interest in observing and portraying the semiotics of cultural objects, in particular of domestic objects and subjects, deploys in an ever-evolving attempt to question dominant narratives and their effects on individual and collective paradigms. Social deep tissue iterations are presented through abstract configurations, evoking the underlying truths that emerge from dreams and their symbolism. “My work is naive and critical, visionary and grounded, humorist and dry, abstract-expressionist and conceptual, physical and digital, functional and useless, superficial and deep.”

PS could stand for ‘party synthetic’, ‘personal statement’, ‘please silence’, ‘psss’, ‘post scriptum’ or whatever just came to your mind. We choose post scriptum out of infinite descriptive possibilities as it possibly embodies them all. P.s: an interview or a rebus? a composition of portraits and wiretaps? a map of hints suggesting a wide web of interpretations.