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Solar system is a glance at a synchronic session of cosmogonic reenactment. The intimate atmosphere portrays impromptu interpretations of moving bodies of the participants to a sensorial session by French collective Somme Sensible. The choreographies evoke moments of unity and separation, before and after a Big Bang,  whose driving force is a singing voice, freely interpreting its role of magnet, slowly attracting the roamers until the original nested equilibrium is restored. The author uses the pretext of a game to emancipate bodies from their social frames. The playful interpretation triggers a collective metamorphosis, happening in a collaborative yet fully instinctual way. The unexpected in this case is a lymph of regenerated compositions, the rising voices are agents that eventually put everything back together.

Chloé Sassi is a French based artist whose artistic practice combines performance and image. Having as her leitmotif immersivity, her works trigger sensuality in the ritualistic, fostering hyper-presence and a reversal of roles between us and ourselves, us and others, us and the world. Graduated under the guidance of contemporary philosoper Emanuele Coccia, in 2021 she founded Somme Sensible, a space designed for alternative sociabilities, a laboratory of contacts, encouraging the development of a total and collaborative art through multisensorial workshops.

Directed and filmed by Chloé Sassi

In collaboration with Somme Sensible Collective
Sound editing by Paul JF Fleury
Color Grading by Lucie Baudy
3D typography and text by Aïda aka dadj