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“Here is Noemie. Her body shaken to free her animal inside. Her body ran over by an intense flash of electricity. Her body pushed out of control. Her body transformed by the space. Or maybe it is her soul coming out to dance to the next body?” Kaori Ito

A movement in time, a movement transforming time, the sound of the clock playing footsie with sighs, calming down the heartbeat of an incandescent flash. A triple tempo polarized in between germinating sounds, the earthquake of movement, a suspended penumbra. The viewer is dragged in the dreamscape, breathless, while looking to a body becoming a land, shaken by a bolt, liberated through a flash. Noemie mirrors our fears and desires when we observe a thunderstorm and feel one inside of ourselves at the same time. Kaori Ito reflects and is a reflector, creating the means for a reverberating release.

Kaori Ito is a Japanese dancer and choreographer whose polymorphic practice mingles a re-appropriation of her native culture with a training in Western dance, resulting in a unique glossary of interpretations-in-movement. Magnetized by what is intangible and suspended, pivoting around themes such as taboos, the end of the world, death, love and desolation, her performances and productions are imbued by a spirited personality and a distinctive cathartic formula.

Often sprouting from intimate and unprocessed narratives, the embodiment triggered by dance deploys, reverses, expands, annihilates the voids and gaps between mankind and the world. Declared as one of the best young dancers and choreographers at the age of eighteen by Ryouichi Enomoto, Kaori Ito is the founder of the dance company Himé.

Danced by Noemie Ettlin
Filmed by Kaori Ito


Lightning captures us for their sudden draconian luminescence, as embodiments of an often traumatic, yet necessary and natural realignment. When facing a circumstance which is beyond our control, we dive into a temporary narrative vacuum. This interim moment encloses uncontaminated, infinite possibilities of regeneration. Videos become windows through which to look to a thunderstorm.