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A gigantic hand emerging from the Atacama desert in Chile. It is the Hand of The Desert, a huge sculpture that looks like the remains of an ancient civilization. The hand that comes out of the sand and seems to ask for help was concieved by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal in honor of the victims of injustice and torture during the military regime in Chile, although he prefers to leave an open interpretation to the viewer.

“I love the idea of creating a real, tangible object,” said Irarrázabal.

“I live thinking and dreaming. I must turn it into matter. A good sculpture has a primitive, magical force. What I’m looking for is the magical dimension of reality, not the esoteric side. In creating an object I try to relate to others. I seek to create a counter-position, a metaphor that surprises and suggests. I want to say something about the meaning of life and death, hatred and suffering, the gift to others: love. To do this, there is no language more appropriate than that of art. The work of art incarnates, experiences. Intrigues, amuses and interests. And, in the end, it can finally touch people’s hearts”.