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“people believe the dolls come alive at night, moving limbs, opening their eyes, and whispering to each other.”

A place for: a very bad trip

Today we take you to one of the creepiest destinations you could imagine. We’re headed to Mexico, a bit outside of Mexico City, in a place called Isla de Las Munecas, which means island of the dolls. We don’t think there’s a creepier thing than old dolls, maybe only a lot of old dolls all together, all in the same place, with all their creepy little eyes pointed at you. It gets worse: the story of this spooky place starts with the old owner of the island, Don Julián Santana. Legend has it that a young woman drowned caught in the lilies of the canal, and her body was found on the banks of the Santana chinampas. Don Julián began to experience weird stuff, and, for this reason, he started placing the dolls he found in the garbage or in the canals of Cuemanco inside his property, convinced that they would drive away the poor soul of the young woman. We’re not sure that these dolls had the desired effect on this young lady’s ghost, what we know for sure is that they became a more and more popular attraction for people of the area and beyond, who considered the island a powerful amulet against bad luck, and started to bring more dolls, and more objects that were considered cursed, to the island. Don Julian was telling everybody that a siren kept visiting him during his dreams, telling him that one day she would have brought him with her. And so one day his nephew found Don Julian floating in the water, dead, perhaps after a stroke. Many believe it was the spirit of the island taking him, to put him forever as a guardian of the island, just like the little girl. We don’t know how much of this story is real and how much is legend, what we’re sure about is that if you’re looking for the perfect setting for a horror movie, you know where to find it.

“some believe that the dolls were possessed by the spirits of small girls and that they come to life at night.”

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ammucchiata de munecas