Good afternoon - it's 15:42

“Like transceiving tentacles
Fingers furl and unfurl
Skins and exoskeletons touch
Submerged in a lively infra-water world
Surrendered to cosmic current and electric emotion (energy in motion)
Spring sprouts from winter weep as worms emerge from compost.” Quanta Qualia

Microcosms juxtaposing and intersecting, our identities are reflected in the interaction with otherness, mirrored and transparent, allowing human beings to become aware of their presence and intrinsic relational core. In times of sudden changes of streams, collectivity becomes increasingly fragmented, each seeking shelter. As a duo intensely working together for the past decade, Quanta Qualia emphasizes the paramount significance of community nowadays as a tool to erode the increasing cultivation of individualism, the main cause of looming dystopias. In the video, boundaries between the submerged and the emerged blend, hands in close contact become part of a continuum of landscapes, animate and inanimate, fictional and tangible. In it together is a life strategy, a poetical suggestion of closeness. Togetherness is a life strategy that welcomes the unexpected as a whisper of ever-present cycles, in constant motion.

Directed and realized by Quanta Qualia
Music by Quanta Qualia

Quanta Qualia is a Brussels based duo composed of Colombian artist Tomàs Dittborn and Belgian artist Siet Raeymaker. Founders of Nonlocal Research, a label for adventurous music with monthly shows on Kiosk Radio and Lyl Radio. Through their site-specific performances and empathetic visual interventions – encompassing sound, movement and substantial research on the liminal and its archaeology – Quanta Qualia translate the alienness of life on earth. Their science-fictional atlases present transversal understandings of the complexity of existence(s), permeating the viewer and listener.