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Gaia Di Lorenzo, You Are Not Alone (part 1 of 2), 2017 - 2021

Gaia Di Lorenzo, It’s not a phase Mum, 2022

Gaia Di Lorenzo, Iuno #1 (goatskin and armour), 2021

Gaia Di Lorenzo is a Roman based artist whose practice is firmly rooted in the induced and received influences from historical narratives, fantastic landscapes and the works of artists with whom she comes in contact either directly or indirectly. As a surfaced sponge, Di Lorenzo conveys through installations, sculpture and painting, an ever-evolving alphabet of gurgling symbols, optic clues, see-through verses, gliding portals, sleek gadgets for ultrasonic combats, keys to understanding or to transforming our understanding of what composes ourselves and the world that we inhabit. In 2018 she founded CASTRO, a free alternative learning program in Rome for artists and researchers.

PS could stand for ‘party synthetic’, ‘personal statement’, ‘please silence’, ‘psss’, ‘post scriptum’ or whatever just came to your mind. We choose post scriptum out of infinite descriptive possibilities as it possibly embodies them all. P.s: an interview or a rebus? a composition of portraits and wiretaps? a map of hints suggesting a wide web of interpretations.