Good afternoon - it's 15:42
Brian Close

spark trance

“An exercise of interior landscape deteriorations that blossom,
Symbolic destruction that can bloom physical ether,
And physical ether that destroys mental symbols.
Mutations of land-fills that look like what we just saw physically –
And the flow of unseen ideas gently breezing by .
New constructions come after Unnecessary structures.
Hopefully it ends up being about hope ,
And reflects what happens in the mind in the moment,
Or reflects what happened to the universe in the universe’s lifetime.”
Brian Close

The vision of a gate has represented since the beginning of times a pivoting point, the collision and deployment of two tem-polarities, a moment of suspense between what was is known and behind and what is unknown and beyond. This tension before the distension is revealed by Brian Close through an exercise of spatialised poetry, blissfully embodied in the psych-idillyc 3D ambiences and ASMR-ish breaks and cascades that characterize his practice as a visual artist and composer. The virtuality of his representation evokes that of a collective memory, an archetypal dream that has potentially been always there since the first time we started imagining. Creation and destruction intertwine as in Saffo’s bittersweetness, eventually merging in the image of a new life.

Brian Close is a musician and visual artist based between New York and Bethlem. Founder of multiple audio-visual studios focusing on psychedelic-hypnotic visuals, motional-graphism and sound design, his works explore improvisational and synesthetic approaches by generating immersive arousing landscapes. As Georgia with J.Tripp, they have released on labels such as Palto Flats, Meakusma, Firecracker Recordings, Good Morning Tapes, Youth, Emotional Response, Métron, OOH-Sounds, Kashual Plastik, Ekster. Every month they present original music on radios such as NTS, The Lot and dublab.