Good afternoon - it's 15:42

When we see a rock on the floor we probably don’t wonder about its iter as we eventually stop wondering about ours. What happens when a rock rolls for a long time and becomes that perennial, repetitive, resigned movement. Metaphors can be deciphering keys and tools to understand in a more empathetic way, as when we were children and they taught us not to trust wolves. In this case, we are brought face to face with one of the pervasive dangers of contemporary times, namely that of making compromises on our desires and visions and adapting to mediocrity.

“When the routine takes over, critical thinking is at risk, and we can spend months, years, moved just by inertia. When we finally stop moving, we might have to face what we ignored, what has been piling on top of our heavy conscience – that now strikes us like a bolt from above.” (G.S.)

Giulio Scalisi is a Milan-based artist whose visual practice deploys amidst a fantastic yet incredibly familiar realm, populated by characters who could be our recurrent dream, our alter ego or our worst enemy. Expressing himself through different mediums, from 3D videos to drawings and installations, Giulio always succeeds in generating visual parables and metaphors that have almost a therapeutic effect. Over the past years, he has exhibited in Galleria Umberto di Marino, Spazio Maiocchi, Ordet amongst others. In 2021 he presented “A House for a Gentlemen” at the Kunsthalle Lissabon, and in 2022 a personal show “Like A True Gentleman” at Case Chiuse in Milan.

Directed by Giulio Scalisi