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Julie Monot, Armoramor, 2021

Julie Monot, Die Raum, performance, 2021

Julie Monot, Play Dead, installation view, 2022

Julie Monot is a Swiss artist whose polymorphic works activate the viewer on different levels, tackling the intuitivness of symbols and the depths resulting in uncanny combinations of functions. Fluctuating in between sounding staged scenes and objects of observation, her pieces delve into the representation of multiple identities, merging boundaries between the self and the others, reality and the otherness. Through the use of empathetic emblems such as the mask, Monot is interested in examining the foundations of our social constructs and eventually destabilizing them to create voids for a renewed, collective imaginary. Known for her installations, sculptures and performances, since 2016 Julie Monot has presented her works in worldwide art institutions such as Bass Miami, Artissima, Mumok, the Kunsthalle in Osnabruck, and the Swiss Institute.

PS could stand for ‘party synthetic’, ‘personal statement’, ‘please silence’, ‘psss’, ‘post scriptum’ or whatever just came to your mind. We choose post scriptum out of infinite descriptive possibilities as it possibly embodies them all. P.s: an interview or a rebus? a composition of portraits and wiretaps? a map of hints suggesting a wide web of interpretations.